Senior Dog Portrait

The Senior Dog Portrait

Duke is a senior American Akita Dog and what a magnificent boy he is! I met his mom at the Old Yeller Days Event in Mason Texas. I was there showing my work and meeting people. It was a fun day!

Corina came to my booth and saw a photograph of Jax, a German Shepherd Dog, and fell in love with his bright eyes. She wanted a portrait of her beloved dog Duke and wanted to highlight his very kind eyes. At this time it was not known how long he would be with us. The loss of our beloved pets, that is a whole new topic and a very difficult experience.

I was able to photograph Duke and I am so happy this family who loves Duke so much will have portraits of him to cherish forever. An honor indeed.

This was my first, "end of life session" as it is called. I think I would prefer to call these "senior sessions". As of today Duke is still with us.