My Kids!

Just love my kids but it makes me laugh! What you say? They have always gotten frustrated with me that I take so many pictures when I am photographing them. I always have. We had a fun family gathering over Thanksgiving this year. And "Yes!" I got out my camera to get some portraits of everyone, but especially my kids. We have not had all three of them in the same place for quite some time and I wanted to capture that! Well look at these faces I was getting. As I was editing these images I laughed and just thought, "they are such silly kids, thank goodness"! I know, they are not really kids anymore. Meet Hannah, 33, Christopher, 31, and my baby Morgan, 27. I am so happy that I have irritated them over the years because I cherish each and every one of the portraits I have of them! By the way, the first portrait here is the last one taken! With my kids, that is what it takes but that is OK. I have lots of patience!!!!


The Kids 2


The Kids 3