Studio Portrait

A portrait session with beautiful Morgan Demaree; Redd Dog snuck in too!

A great way to get through this hot Mason Texas summer is a Studio Portrait Session! My fun daughter Morgan came to visit us from Tuscon and we created some fabulous portraits during her visit. We had so much fun being creative and thoroughly enjoying our time together! Our dog Redd loves her Morgan, I think Morgan is the only person in the world Redd loves more than me!, and she got to pop in too! It has been way too long since I have had the pleasure of photographing my young daughter who is now 27! I use to photograph all of my kids all of the time when they were living at home, fun pictures along with studio portraits. I cherish them all so much now. Even the one's that at the time the kids did not "cooperate" and I did not love so much, now they are some of my favorites. Taking the time to have special professional family portraits done is one thing that will always give the feeling, "I am so glad I took the time and now have these portraits of my precious family". Many of these portraits are hanging in our home so I can look at them every day. I am excited to be able to help other families have special portraits of their families, and absolutely to include their beloved pets. So special.

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Redd Dog joining in

Studio Portrait

Redd Dog's Human


dramatic portrait

Lovely Light

Studio Portrait